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eCommerce Kids Institute 
for higher learning
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eCommerce Kids Institute 
for higher learning
Home     Online Course Catalog     Learning Platforms     Why eKI     Blog     Podcast     Enroll Now
Revolutionizing young minds, through Entreprenurship, Family and eCommerce.
2017 Product Sales by Young Entrepreneurs in the eCommerce Kids Program
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 Step 1
SUBSCRIBE to the Family Entrepreneur Journal
If this is your first time here, then we recommend you become a subscriber so you can get access to our Go-To Resource on Teen and Family Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to answer your questions as well as give you a look over ours shoulders as we grow our eCommerce Family Business from the $1,000,000 we are doing today to our goal of $10,000,000.
 Step 2
JOIN our FREE eCommerce Family Entrepreneurs Community
By far the best way to accelerate your success is to build relationships with other successful entrepreneurs, both parents and teens/pre-teens. In our Facebook group, you will be able to do exactly that!
 Step 3
fill out an ek application 
There is NO FEE to fill out an application. We are looking for serious Young Entrepreneurs ready to take that plunge of learning and implementing their start-up! We would love to get to know you!
 Step 4
schedule an interview with us!
After you fill out the application, you will need to schedule a 15min interview with a Growth Coach. It's an opportunity to talk 1-on-1 and discuss if this program fits your needs.
Can your Pre-Teen / Teen be a Massive Achiever?
Gauge on their Success Potential by taking this Performance Assessment in just 5 minutes!
Featured Courses
SIMPLE+FUN Amazon Fundamentals 1.0
Let your Teen / Pre-Teen discover Entrepreneurship by learning AND implementing how to build a profitable ecommerce business starting with the platform.
90-Day Amazon + Growth Bootcamp
A Massive Achiever's BOOST on eCommerce, Leadership + Entrepreneurship, while enhancing Excellence in Behavior, Discipline, Productivity, and Relationships.
The eKI course platform delivers life-changing educational experiences that enable you and your kidpreneur to apply your learning right away!
Learning with eKI is ACTIVE, featuring a wide range of interactive learning tools. You won't find long lectures in the eKI program. You will engage with different activities -- all intentionally designed to help you and your kidpreneur.
The eKI social learning platforms connect you to a supportive family global network of fellow participants who engage  actively in online discussions, share insights, and provide peer feedback.
Learning here is not Theory-based, it's action-based. Learn, then do the work to run a fully functional profitable business. You will hear from seasoned ecommerce entrepreneurs sharing the context of running an ecommerce business.
"We have witnessed our teen blossom into a more confident and business savvy lady through the mentorship, comaraderie, and friendship with other eCommerce Kids families."
- Holman Family
"eCommerce Kids has taught that Failures teach resilience...Unity, Sharing, Planning, Aim to reach your goal!!"
- Velasquez Family
"eCommerce Kids has taught me to think outside of the box, I want to create jobs not work to fulfill someone else’s dreams at a job and live paycheck to paycheck."
- Aaron Richardson
eKI At A Glance
Media Coverage
The Kid Retailers Proving E-Commerce Isn’t Child’s Play
"I love that we work together as a family."

Zaakiyah Edwards 11yrs old.

Question: Do we need entrepreneurial or ecommerce experience prior to beginning the program?

Answer: No Experience Necessary! Just Bring HUSTLE + Positive Attitude!
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If you are thinking about how to prepare your Pre-Teen / Teen for the next stage of their life, then eKI can help. Request more information today.
eCommerce Kids Institute 
for higher learning
Help them POSSESS a GOAL-defined Lifestyle NOW. Foster a POSITIVE family culture. Build an eCommerce Empire. Promote Social Entrepreneurship and Influential Leadership. Empower your Pre-Teen / Teen to be a MASSIVE ACHIEVER, again and again. Exemplifying who they really are.
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